Kandinsky's Color Theory:
Wassily Kandinsky was fascinated with color and the meanings of the color that an artist would use to convey the message of their painting. Kandinsky was inspired by color itself and music to create a color theory that would explain what colors mean or are, and what colors represent if heard from a musical standpoint. He was fascinated with the power of music to be so emotional and powerful, and wanted to bring those same feelings to art.
Kandinsky found his musical color theory (left hand of the concept map) from the works of Wagner and Scriabin . Wagner's Lohengrin allowed Kandinsky to experience his own spiritual experience with art and music. Kandinsky first began to see colors and emotions while hearing the music. Kandinsky was very inspired by Scriabin who was establishing a table of equivalencies tones in color and music that Scriabin applied in Prometheus: A Poem of Fire (1908). Kandinsky desired to create what Scriabin had for music but for colors and feelings.

Since Kandinsky's paintings are non objective color is a main driver for the painting. See if you can match the colors either by features or musical tones/ instruments using the concept map above.